KIN: Our family + yours

DUTTON + KIN was born from shooting friends, and friends of friends.  Seven years later, our “KIN” was born and we have grown by developing these friendships. We are an extension of our family + yours. Everything we do is by word of mouth, as we strongly believe that the good people we meet along the way will lead us to more good people. And this has become contagious. Whether it’s family, portraits, or a new addition to the family,  we would be honored to be your photographers and your friends. 

Harry Dutton: Founder/ Photographer/ Master Storyteller

Harry Dutton: Founder/ Photographer/ Master Storyteller

Harry's Story...


When people ask me where I am from the simplest answer is “from all over”.  As the son of a RAF pilot we were constantly on the move. Born in Wales we lived all over the UK, and would later move to South East Asia with pit stops in the Middle East along the way.  

Constantly being exposed to new places and cultures taught me to observe how people interact with their environments and each other.  Listening to people’s stories gave me a natural curiosity into the live’s of others and I felt a desire to document and record them. 

Although I learned the importance of storytelling at a young age,  the skills and technique required to do so with beauty would come from training. Later working as a commercial lifestyle and fashion photographer in London, I once again had the opportunity to again travel the world.  Whilst my natural style is unquestionably documentarian, I have also developed the more creative elements in my work and a level of technique that allows me to shoot under the most challenging of conditions. Always striving for creative images that play with different light and composition my work is considered and always intentional.  Whether I’m capturing an unscripted moment, or posing you for a portrait, there is always a vision. The truth behind the moment and the love between two people is a constant. 

Sara Brancato:  Photographer/ Editor/ Creative Direction 

Sara Brancato:  Photographer/ Editor/ Creative Direction 

Sara's Story...


I’ve worked in the fashion industry for the past 10 years, ran a sustainable showroom as Creative Director, founder of an accessories line, fashion photographer, and all things food. Very cool stuff… 

But as a true hopeless romantic, I fell madly in love with shooting weddings…. one of my first wedding I said, “It feels like I’m dancing".…. and I haven’t stopped dancing.

I’m in love with capturing love, and kind of obsessed. 

Coming from an Italian-American background in NYC, my values are deep rooted in family, community and food. Those values are exemplified in my photos. And naturally when I met Harry, I fell for the “KIN” in DUTTON + KIN and immediately felt at home. 

I strongly believe, Good people find good people and that’s exactly how D+K connects with new clients & friends. The rest, as they say, is history!

Bunny Hunter Dutton: Professional clown/love connector/ Baby toy

Bunny Hunter Dutton: Professional clown/love connector/ Baby toy

Bunny's Story...


I was rescued from a bad scene in Georgia, and now live every day to the fullest.

Despite my name I don't hunt bunnies, just love. 

I connect people to people on the daily, and they say I have a way with melting hearts. Although I’ve never used a camera, I set the mood in many shoots and I’m also great at eating shoes and general clowning. I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t keen on working as I rather eat bones all day (all about the bone zone), but DUTTON + KIN are family and the adventures are far more interesting than any bone, chipmunk or squirrel.

I live for LOVE, so this all comes natural.